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A Pisces born on February 21 is symbolized by the Fish and is acquisitive without being materialistic. Learn about February 21 birthday astrology. February 21st Zodiac. As a Pisces born on February 21st, you are well known for your intuitive, selfless and imaginative nature. Water is the paired element of the Pisces and of all the zodiac signs, you have the only mutable connection with the element.

This may be a problem with my web browser because i've had this happen before. The complete picture of your personality and hers is determined by numerous planet placements at the time of birth. These designs are so well priced that i feel they will soon sell out their inventory during the holiday gift-giving season.

I hate geminis and i don't like leos, it's weird to love the spotlight' in my opinion. If your dream man has high emotional intelligence, don't sign up to be on the bachelor if you want to find him.

They need to choose items from other food groups, too. Furthermore , "Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty. This Venusian sign is literally the most sensual of the zodiac, as its libido is closely connected to sound, sight, taste, smell, and touch.

Missionary position with eye contact is extra sexy for these sultry earth signs, so enjoy the nuances of this classic posture with your Taurus lover. Gemini are smart, dynamic, and experts at communication. Another great option for a friends-with-benefits relationship is Cancer.

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Annabel explains that "Cancers are really itching for freedom in their social life, aching to meet new people. Cancer, which is symbolized by the crab, needs to be completely comfortable before emerging from its shell. Cuddling, spooning, and hand-holding — Cancer rules the hands — allow Cancer to feel safe and protected before lovemaking begins.

They should experiment with sultry wraparound positions in which they can both make romantic eye contact and experiment with their movements.

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According to Broadly, "Leos want to be comfortable this cuffing season, but that means more than having an abundant supply of soft pajama robes. Leos can push people away with their tendency to talk so much about themselves, but they may just be ready to let someone else in and find comfort in a partner—so long as that partner can give them ample attention.

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And since Leos love talking about themselves, it's no surprise that the biggest turn on for them is to feel desired. Lap dance, anyone?

Gentle and empathetic, Virgos make wonderful lovers for anyone craving a sensitive and loving relationship, and tend to be really good listeners and don't beat around the bush if there's something bothering them. And here's a fun fact: Even though Virgo is "The Virgin," these people sure as hell aren't prudish. Experimental Virgos should consider reverse cowboy or cowgirl positions in order to really let loose.

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