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Year of the Dragon

Experiences of love, compassion, fun, joy, and pleasure are healing for fire individuals. The challenge for a fire type is to share joy and laughter without thought of reward.

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Metal qualities include strength, independence, focus, intensity, righteousness, and fluency in speech. The five elements — eart h, metal, wood, fire, and water — are believed to be the fundamental roots of the universe, between which interactions occur. The temptation to go at it alone will be high; however, joining up with a study group or friends in the same major will elevate your output. In Chinese culture, they represent speed and freedom. People with this element tend to be minimalists — enjoying the simplicity of an organized and clean life. Water is the most feminine of the five elements and therefore is considered very yin. They may be too passive and too malleable to the whims of others.

The emotion associated with fire is happiness. Other heart emotions include joy, vanity, jealousy, frustration, regret, grief from loss of love, and disappointment in relationships. Therefore a fire personality may have a disposition for heart problems, such as heart attacks, or may experience minor digestive problems in the small intestines. Fire types must avoid alcoholic beverages that heat over stimulate the liver.

Liver excess is a false way to empower the heart and causes imbalance between fire and wood.

Heart illness and fire imbalance can often be read in the face: a cleft in the nose or a too red complexion. The element earth is yin, feminine, like Mother Earth in the West. Although earth is a yin element, it can exist in either a yang or a yin state. When earth expresses masculine yang energy, its color is yellow and is symbolized by a hill. When earth expresses feminine yin energy, its color is gold and is symbolized by a valley. Earth personality traits are stable, practical, reliable, industrious, empathetic, honest, kind, prudent.

Earth types value friendship.

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Earth individuals do well to meditate and nourish themselves physically, emotionally, and spiritually. They must learn to develop clear boundaries and take care of themselves. The challenge for earth types is to honor their sympathetic nature and show great kindness to others. The emotion associated with earth is sympathy.

What's Your Chinese Zodiac Sign and Feng Shui Birth Element?

Other earth qualities are pensiveness, thoughtfulness, and reflection. Just as one assimilates nutrients through the stomach, one assimilates life experiences through the element earth. Earth types should avoid foods that antagonize the stomach because they may have a disposition for stomach disorders, such as ulcers or indigestion. A weak spleen can cause immune system problems due to poor assimilation of nutrients.

Since the sweet taste is associated with the element earth, earth types can develop a sweet tooth. They must avoid the tendency to indulge in too many sweets and rich desserts.

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Stomach illness and earth imbalance are indicated as deep sagging facial lines from the base of the nose to the outer corners of the lip. Colors: yellow yang and gold yin Earthly branches and months: All twelve branches are earthly.

The Elements Of The Chinese Zodiac, Explained

No months are earthly. Planet: Saturn Direction: center Climate: damp Season: seasonal transition-the last eighteen days of the four seasons Emotion: sympathy Body organs: stomach yang and spleen yin. This element is feminine because metal is extracted from the feminine earth, although metal is considered less feminine than earth or water. On the feng shui ba-gua metal correlates to children and creativity. Although metal is a lesser yin element, it can exist in either a yang or a yin state. When metal expresses masculine yang energy, its color is white and is symbolized by a weapon.

What are the Fire signs?

When metal expresses feminine yin energy, its color is silver and is symbolized by a kettle. Metal qualities include strength, independence, focus, intensity, righteousness, and fluency in speech. The metal personality is very determined and powerful. Metal types succeed by being less opinionated, accepting change, and gracefully releasing the past.

The emotion associated with metal is grief. Other metal emotions are insecurity, inability to achieve parental or spousal expectations, and lack of confidence. So if you were born in January or February, you must check where the date fell in your birth year, as your sign and element might be of the prior Western calendar year.

Find Your Chinese Element

Each of the elements is dominant for two years, and with five elements the cycle repeats every 10 years. This is referred to as the 10 stems or 10 heavenly stems. Knowing your birth element can help you create the best feng shui for your home or office. It can guide the decor colors , items, and areas you should emphasize and minimize. For example, if you were born in a fire element year, you should use shades of red and yellow fire colors while minimizing white, gray, green, and brown metal and wood colors. You also should emphasize the fireplace and decorate with candles while avoiding metal decor.

Among all Five Elements, Fire is the one in charge of passion and happiness. In addition, they could also feel that they might be lacking passion and real zest for life. This also includes everything else the Fire Element represents for specific person 10 aspects of life.

Year of the Horse: Fortune and Personality – Chinese Zodiac

This means that, if the Fire is missing, a person will have to make an effort to compensate. This can be done by adopting certain behaviors , specific to the Fire Element, or engaging in Fire Element related industries. A person can also work on developing one of the ten aspects of life that the Fire Element represents to them.

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