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Shree Yantra Pendant. He is organized, deeply rooted to his tradition, a man of word and commitment, this is Dr J N Pandey for you. Hailing from a traditional family of pundits no doubt he took up astrology and emerged as an eminent astrologer. His thesis for Doctorate research was on Astrological Computations for non-luminous planets. His urge for delivering best customer care and passion to follow the tenets of ISO quality standard has made www. Under his meticulous leadership, Cyber Astro has achieved great heights since inception.

Even after huge success, his passion for expanding Cyber Astro is still on fire.

Today's Horoscope, Daily Astrology, Zodiac Sign for Tuesday October 8th, 2019

Dr Pandey is looking after variety of roles with the organization in the capacity of Chief Operating Officer and Chief Astrologer. He is considered as the back bone and brain behind the success of all ecommerce websites dealing in Astrology and Technology business of Cyber Astro Limited. With an LLB and M. Com degree in hand, he went out to explore the world. This was the time when he was also fascinated by astrology. In order to pursue his new found interest he learnt Jyotisharnav from Bangla Pandit Parishad and is one of the most experienced astrologers with 25 years of experience in this field.

He is exclusively associated with Cyberastro since He is the astrologer among the entire team who specializes on the most popular Life Prediction reports and Future-O-Scope reports for our customers. Sorcer A perfect combination of superior public relations and technology, Mr. Sorcer is a prominent astrologer, practicing his expertise in the field of Vedic astrology since the year With a remarkable intuitive power and understanding of human nature, Mr.

Sorcer in his own words is born to be an astrologer. He worked with an international media company for over a decade, but his quench to grow as an astrologer and to make the lives of people meaningful through proper guidance and prognosis, led him to take up Vedic astrology as a full time career. He obtained certification in Jyotish Kobid and is extensively involved in practice and research on Vedic astrology.

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He even masters other branches of Vedic Astrology like palmistry, graphology and numerology. Sorcer is exclusively associated with Cyber Astro and providing Live and Schedule consultation to Cyber Astro members from years. He is specializes in almost all personalized reports and is known for precision and accuracy in his predictions.

He founded Cyberastro Limited in with a vision that through internet it will be possible to provide healing services with the help of Vedic astrology, to every corner of the globe.


Get real-time alerts and all the news on your phone with the all-new India Today app. The year begins on February 10, , and ends on January 28th, Astrology has not demonstrated its effectiveness in controlled studies and has no scientific validity. Bibcode : csdh. Talking to a trusted friend over iced lattes is just the therapy you need right now. Namespaces Article Talk. Commitment is not merely about exchanging vows or finding a way to live together for the rest of your lives.

In his own words, he discovered the power of internet in The same year he devoted 15 hours everyday to serious and professional study of Vedic astrology. He is a graduate in electrical engineering and PG in Marketing Management. He had hold key positions in IT industry and then became an entrepreneur and started his own software development companies. He had always been ahead of his time and was developing cutting edge software in data base development and GIS services even as early as Today his vision has turned into a reality.

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We have more than thousand members in countries around the world. To solve people's problems has become the sole purpose of his life. He believe that the right code of conduct with the right method at right time to perform a task always aid success whether in a career, business, marriage or personal life.

He is having of 10 years experience and exclusively associated with Cyber Astro to provide astrological guidance to its members through Live and schedule counselling session.

12222 Libra Horoscope

Astrological remedies suggested by him benefited lots of people around the globe. My today at a glance.

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Rahu Ketu Transit Report This transit will give significant impact on your career, finance, stability, relationship and professional aspects of your life. Personalised Yearly Predictions Will all your dreams come true in the year ? Career Report What would bring for your professional life? Business Venture Forecast When should you start your business? Life Prediction Report What are the personal, professional and financial prospects that will stay balanced in your life?

Health Astrology Prediction Are you having concerns related to your mental and physical well being? Financial Forecast Report Want to explore your financial prospects and challenges?

Education Forecast This unique report is for students who are going to planning to pursue their graduation or post graduation and want to explore the actual Know More. What are your chances of Know More. This week, the Universe is giving you a chance to rewrite the story—and it can only be done by breaking away from the toxic patterns that have been holding you back. Gemini , sometimes you have to say goodbye to the good memories too.

Recognise the gifts that are being offered to you in this moment and stop viewing them from the lens of your past. Emotional overwhelm may be a theme for some. Talking to a trusted friend over iced lattes is just the therapy you need right now. We are not here to wage wars. We are here to spread the message of love, compassion and oneness. Be aware of where you are operating from. When used as weapons, your words can cause great harm. Change your approach, Cancer. Meet the other halfway. Understand where they are coming from.

This could be the secret to making space for relationships where both parties feel loved and nurtured. If you like it, then put a ring on it, adopt a litter of kittens with it, and write the script of your own happily-ever-after. Let this be a turning point, Virgo. The point where you let go of the pain and bitterness.

Looking at your situation from a higher perspective will do the trick. From now on, resolve to make space for relationships were both parties bring their best selves to the table. The week starts off with a minor inconvenience. Go back to that gratitude list, Libra. Give thanks for the good things that you have in the present and the good things that are yet to come. PS: trust that you will find a resolution to the conflict soon enough. Hallmark of an adult relationship: the realisation that perfection is but an illusion.

Make your partner feel loved and appreciated, Scorpio. Make them feel celebrated for who they are rather than who you want them to be. Acceptance is a gift that promises to transform the most complex relationships. Playing games, Sagittarius , especially with the one you love.

Understand that every action you take has a karmic repercussion. What this phase of your life calls for: openness.

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Get your complete daily, monthly and yearly horoscope predictions. Know all about Indian astrology, numerology, tarot readings, Chinese astrology and. Indastro provides free online Vedic Astrology birth chart, Indian Astrology Compatibility, Daily Horoscope, Monthly, free Horoscope reading based on moon sign.

Come as you are, wild one. You matter, Capricorn , and so do your emotions. Elimination is a big theme for you today. What are the relationships that are causing more harm than good? Where do you feel a lack of reciprocation? Saying no to BS is a good way of saying yes to yourself.

Change the social scene, Aquarius. Open yourself to possibilities, through travel or otherwise. Meeting new people has always been big on your agenda.