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Deal graciously with people and cruise through what needs to be done.

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Professional links or interests are in the frame. Be ready for a week of passion, in between sorting out the mortgage and the taxes. Why not plan a getaway with your love, as distant climes appeal.

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Humping in the Himalayas, anyone? Friday is a red letter day for romance, so make things easy for love. The weekend is emotional, with unexpected developments or testy people. Just let it pass you by. Snuggle with your beloved and make love, sweet love.

Aquarius Weekly Horoscope

Get ready for a far horizon as plans for study or travel begin to form. Someone foreign, exotic or academic will make an impact on your life. Midweek brings the Moon to dramatic Leo, your seventh house of partnership, so be ready for an urge to commit to strike. Financial issues raise their heads later in the week, but keep your mind on that relationship.

Aquarius Tarot Weekly Reading

Get together to discuss your favourite topics and enjoy your favourite tastes. Teachers, travellers, foreigners or academics will open doors for you, all from the New Moon in Libra on Saturday. Get ready to open new doors or look beyond your situation, especially with study.

Advice or guidance will come from someone educated or well-travelled. Be ready to start a new path in life.

Overseas or academic links open doors or bring a new kind of thinking into your life as the Sun steps into your ninth house of cultural pursuits. Look to a far horizon and seek to expand the parameters of your knowledge through study or travel.

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Midweek is just the time to reaffirm your love and snuggle in the arms of your beloved. Emotional issues can also be a part of this week. Your emotional self, sex organs, bladder and the muscular system, scrotum, outer sexual organs, excretory organs, and pelvic bones are activated during this week. This is a sensitive time as the Sun and Mars are triggering this sector and you need to be very careful with your physical as well as emotional health.

During this week, there can be minor issues regarding your excretory organs. You have to be very careful especially regarding its cleanliness. The pelvic region is also active during this week. The thighs, left leg, thigh bones, bone marrow, hips, hip joints, and the arterial system are also active, so you will have to take care of your bone health.

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Minor issues like weakness can come up, but that will be the part of this transit. During this week, the full moon will be rising in the sector for nose, throat, mouth, tongue, teeth, and eyes, especially the right one , facial bones, upper neck and its bones, gullet, larynx, cerebellum, trachea, cervical region, and cervical bones and tonsils.

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This can be a sensitive time for all these organs. You may have more interest in increasing your beauty and vitality.

Aquarius Weekly Horoscope

Arguments with a spouse are also very much possible during this week. Over the coming four weeks, with the help of Venus and Mercury, your public reputation comes squarely into focus. If you know your rising sign, check our forecast for that sign too, for a better overview of the trends. This may reflect as minor physical issues too. Moon Based.

You will have to spend more time for your dental health as well. Your eyes also need more care. The throat is also activated so food intake is also important. This moon will aspect the sector for the subconscious mind.

Aquarius Weekly Astrology Horoscope 7th October 2019

So, there will be some emotional issues as well. The new moon will trigger the sexual organs and emotional stress. This moon will be rising in the earth sign and that shows stability. The aspect will trigger your facial organs as well. You may have some concerns related with your sexual organs. More than physical issues emotional issues can come up. These issues will be the part of this transit.

Aquarius Love Weekly 07 October, 12222 – 13 October, 12222

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Once when this transit ends, you will naturally become alright You should not take any risk with your diet. This is also a great time to improve your beauty. Multiple planets are triggering the sector for sexual organs and the emotional sector. These planets are triggering the sector for face, eyes, nose, tongue, teeth, ears, fingers, nails, bones, flesh.

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