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They all love you for themselves. Mars will give you the impetus to win, whatever the circumstances - and you will win.

Susan Miller On Her Astrology Forecast For "The Year Ahead" - BUILD Series

Mercury rules your career, so Mercury-oriented Uranus suggests you get a publicity opportunity and you can mark a golden career opportunity. This time, you will have only glory and little money - quite the opposite.

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller. September will be so special for you that it may seem like a dream. Thanks to a confluence of five happy little heavenly bodies. Sagittarius Horoscope for October Nov 22 - Dec Share. A Note from Susan Miller. OCTOBER Your Horoscope by Susan Miller. Life is warm.

You will be paid and generously paid. Looks like you're working on a significant financial deal and to no one's surprise, it's pretty cluttered. Have Mars, Aphrodite, Sun and the new moon of July 31 - August 1 in your favor, all in the eighth house of others, and the new moon will have influence ten days after it appears.

This new moon will help you turn the deal in your favor.

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Have a secret lover who will help you find the funds you need to accomplish a major goal. There will be obstacles, of course, thanks to Uranus, the planet of the unexpected, that will challenge the Sun, the new moon, and Aphrodite. Perhaps you should rethink the project as you will see unforeseen costs.

The new moon in the August 15th Aquarium will bring a financial issue to a close within four days, but like the new moon at the beginning of the month, Mercury will be occupied, first by Pluto and then by Uranus. That means you should avoid contracts by the end of August. Sign on August 21 or August The happiest part of the month will be August 30, when your ninth house - the part of the graph that gives you a panoramic view of life - will have five celestial bodies - the Sun, the new moon, Aphrodite, Mars and Mercury - all in the sign of the Virgin, a sign of the land like you.

What a great moment for the traveler, at the end of the month and the beginning of September. This trend starts on the new moon on August 30 and lasts until the first ten days of September. This means that as you start September, the stage is set.

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Moreover, what makes this new moon so exciting is that Uranus, planet of unanticipated events, will send a gorgeous, glittering silver thunderbolt over to these five heavenly bodies gathered in your prestigious career house. Uranus will do this from his perch in your solar sixth house of workaday projects, so the assignments you are currently working on or have finished recently will bring applause and praise and become a big part of why you will rise now in your career. You have proven you can handle more, and this month you will get more. Saturn has been in your second house of income since December , the reason you may have felt your income has been held down over the past two years. Get the new Astrology Zone app for horoscopes and more on all your devices!


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