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It is about constructing your own elemental shrine in your garden as opposed to worship in a grand cathedral. This means that ways of thinking that are holding you back and are negative have got to go. Give your brain a total reboot. Turn everything on its head by listening to media that is quite the opposite of what you usually take in. Purposely seek those who think the complete opposite of you so that you can have interesting debates. That way you can test out whether your own opinions can stand up to interrogation.

Mars Retrograde in the house of communication means that sometimes you will simmer with rage at someone who has pushed your buttons for a very long time before you hit back, and when you do, you will tend to just vomit out a personal attack.

CAPRICORN: December 22 - January 20

The Aug 11 Solar Eclipse in your house of philosophy could trigger a crisis in morals and ethics. You will be prompted to address your life code and the standards you live by. Study is not simply about gaining qualifications to further your career Though this is a pleasant side effect. Mars regresses back into your money bags zone on Aug 13 and goes direct on Aug Money has a habit of burning a hole in your pocket during this time.

You have a long period where you can actually choose to make investments work for you however. During the retrograde you can strategically plan your business moves for when Mars is direct. Its all about strategy and patience and you can achieve a lot with mars here if you learn how to reign in greedy impulses. You could encounter a person or life-changing situation through a simple bus journey or bumping into someone in a coffee shop. Local journeys will feel more supernatural than usual. While Lilith is flitting around this sector you may feel more liberated than usually and it will be impossible to pin you down.

The Oct 6 Venus Retrograde travels through your mystical house of self-undoing! The only way this devoted energy can work at a personal level is if your partner becomes ill and really needs you to look after them for a while. This could be payback time from when they supported you in the past. When love is given totally unconditionally, then this Venus retrograde can be really fulfilling.

It can transmit a higher soul love that radiates much further out than just the couple in question.

Another great way to use this energy is to go on some sort of artistic retreat where you are taken away from the modern world. There you will have yourself and your paints. It is a good time to make the unconscious, conscious by letting it spill itself onto a blank page. During the first half of this period from Oct 6 to 26 , Venus in her harmonious, Hesperus phase will probably produce some beautiful, ethereal art if you are so inclined.

Otherwise you will naturally gravitate towards beautiful healing environments. Venus reverses back into your friendship house from Nov 1 to Venus in her Lucifer phase is more likely to over-do the party animal behavior. Ceres also joins the witches coven that is howling at the moon in your 12 th house from Nov 11 until Dec While Ceres is here, the veil thins between all dimensions.

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You will want to silence the noise of the modern world or you could become overwhelmed. In the quiet void then, you are able to receive the pure divine guidance of your higher self and not get interference from trickster sprites. Mars enters your important foundational 4 th house.

There is much pride for your family at this time. Events occur where you can get together with extended family and feel empowered by your shared blood. You have a huge amount of energy to give to your children or other family descendants. This means that you set aside time for activities and adventure together. The important thing is putting energy into having fun with your family in places that give you a feeling of connection both with the earth and each other.

Cue fan fair! Jupiter enters your own sign on Nov 8. With this bursting enthusiasm, you naturally will feel optimistic. All things are possible for you since there are no demoralising mistakes being made yet. In terms of relationships, this is a honeymoon period. Hope springs eternal as you learn new things about yourself in relationships.

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However this is not a time where you will want to make a romantic commitment, because for now you just want to experiment. Too much pushing from a partner may result in you bolting out the back door towards freedom.

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You are one of the decans that has very sparse outer planet transits this year. None of the eclipses effect your decan at all and just one of the Mercury retrogrades aspects you. If you are reading this for your Sun I suggest that you look at your rising sign too as this will give you a far more complete picture of the year ahead.

This might not be the most memorable year of your life, but there is a nice surprise at the end. You have the extremely impressive entrance of your ruler, lucky Jupiter, entering your sign. This is fantastic as it gives you something to look forward to, plus Jupiter will be working at the strength of a watt lightbulb in the sign that it rules. This is also your own Jupiter return, the start of a whole new year cycle. So this whole year is a build up to what is coming.

Think of everything as being an overture of what is to come. You will get little clues to what Jupiter can bring you and little snippets of hope. The first snip is the Mars conjunction from Jan 27 to Feb 11 , this will give you the motivation to be really ambitious with those Jupiter visions to come. You will find out who is willing to fight alongside you. The Venus square from Feb 11 to 18 is your first little fist fight, nothing major, just something to test your moves.

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Here you find how much training you will need for what you want to achieve. It may be a little disheartening to find out that you have overestimated some things, but it will mean that you are more than prepared when Jupiter switches over to high gear later in the year. You will be ready for the leap and will take it in your stride easily. This is just the training phase. The Ceres trine from Feb 5 to Apr 28 is a beautiful time for communing in nature, taking a holiday where you can swim in healing sea water or failing all that give yourself some spa therapy locally.

This is interspersed with the loving Venus trine from Mar 7 to You get an idea of what type of lover you will attract when Jupiter starts his matchmaking in November.

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Maybe you meet someone at this time who has the potential to develop into a substantial relationship later on. The Ceres square from Jun 28 to Jul 22 is your initiation into finding out how Zen you can be to your kith and kin, as some of your relatives could be extra boring, intolerant or bloody-minded at this time. July Onwards. The Venus square from Jul 10 to 18 brings up some unfinished business with fussy clients or co-workers. Nothing major, but it does call for a diplomatic attitude and patience in dealing with persons who have the face of a fiftyyear old and the manners of a five year old…Then along comes the Mercury retrograde conjunction in your decan from Nov 24 to This transit will troll you to your utter limits.

One last difficult passage to overcome is the Mars square from Nov 16 to The best use of this energy will probably to propel yourself out of the cannon and into Jupiter-space. That way you are ready way in advance for what is coming and you will have a head start from your rivals. Often this foresight is due to careful study of past trends and then having the guts to stick your neck out before the majority have figured out the shift in direction. Finally there is the Jupiter conjunction from Nov 8 to Dec Cue big fanfare! You are bouncy, hopeful and eager to embrace any challenges that life throws at you.

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Discover what the stars hold in store for you this month. Beware of misunderstandings this week, stargazers. Communication planet Mercury squares our dream planet, Neptune, on Monday.

This winning transit means that luck is on your side, so you can afford to throw caution to the wind a little bit! Jupiter is inclined to extravagance, so you might indulge a little bit too much and that often means putting on a few extra pounds. Still, a little awareness can go a long way. Once you know Jupiter can over bake the pudding, you will pay more attention to the Saturn clock. The slow dissolve of the Neptune square works in the background of your chart all year. This means you will be constantly refining your belief system and also just who you plain believe.

Neptune can show up the lies in your life, but mainly where you have been lying to yourself. Neptune can of course be drugs also. Usually though, it is the less obvious things that you have to be wary of when Neptune is playing his misty mind-melt. This can mean being pulled into a cult rather than initiating your own spiritual journey of self-development. Having said all that, you have some beautiful aspects in the first half of the year that can turn the suspicious Neptune square into an intuitive diamond.

Awareness and sobriety are the key.

The Ceres trine brings healing sacred feminine energy into balance with good earthy, hands-on experience J an 1 to Feb 6. The Lunar eclipse trine on Jan 31 is refreshing and healing. It will give you a clean slate to work on with the ambitious Mars conjunction from Feb 12 to Here you can get quite brutally honest with anyone who is trying to be sneaky and underhand. This will shock the sneaks into compliance, because they might not be used to dealing with straightforward people. Because if this you will be admired for your bravery.

After this period comes nothing but loved up trines. Take a holiday, let yourself be spoiled and pampered for you have been working hard. Money: If you're carrying major debt, Saturn will nudge you to do what it takes to pay it off. Financial success will also come through smart partnerships; do you have a friend who could join you in an Etsy business or a baking venture?

Health: For , your healthiest moves will be internal ones, rather than extra burpees. This is your year to detach from people and situations that are messing with your joy and serenity; once you do, it'll feel better than all the probiotics in the world. Love: Coupled or married Crabs will find that absence does indeed make the heart grow fonder.

Spending time apart to pursue your individual interests will help keep your relationship stronger, as long as it's combined with regular check-in discussions about what each of you needs. Money: Independent-minded Uranus will move into your Taurus for an extended period seven years!

Anything tech-related will be particularly successful. Health: will be "one of your healthiest years in over a decade," say the Twins, thanks to Jupiter's prolonged stay in your sixth house, which governs health. You'll be better able to keep those New Year's vows about getting more exercise or cutting white carbs. Find health-minded activities to enjoy with your besties, such as taking a long walk together or going on a weekend yoga retreat.

Love: Vive l'amour! Leos won't lack for passion in , thanks to dynamic Jupiter landing in your fifth house, which governs pleasure and romance. Single Lionesses will have their choice of love interests; you might even fall for someone from an entirely different culture. This is the year to travel to a part of the world you've always dreamed of going. Money: Got your eye on the corner office? This could be your year to snag it. The Twins explain that starting in March , Uranus settles in for a long-term stay in your career house, which could mean a nice promotion or a switch to a better job.

Just be sure you have a good support staff behind you, so you're not stuck with more responsibilities than you can manage. Health: Serious Saturn traveling through no-nonsense Capricorn means that Leos will be making good on their resolutions to eat well and stay fit time to toss that leftover Halloween candy. By year's end, you'll also be looking for inner serenity; a yoga or meditation class might be just the thing. Regardless of the reason perhaps a financial setback or family stresses , the two of you should emerge stronger and with a deeper sense of commitment.

In fact, by year's end, you may have some exciting baby news to share! Money: Although you won't be overly ambitious at work in , you might still experience some unexpected success late in the fall related to a special gift of yours. Health: As the Twins explained, Jupiter is going to stick around Virgo's fourth house, which is all about self-nurturing, family, and security. This will also be a time to bond with both close and extended family members particularly your mom , and perhaps check out a self-help workshop or counselor.

Love: Superficiality won't cut it for you this year, Libra. Once it does, Uranus in your eighth house will entice you to try some exotic new moves in the bedroom. Money: This is the year to toot your own horn; the planets assure that your success will be tied to your ability to communicate.

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This could take the form of angling for a work promotion by listing all your accomplishments, or of starting your own side hustle and promoting it on social media. Whichever you pick, don't be modest! Health: This is a year to get a little selfish for the sake of your well-being. Give yourself plenty of down time to relax, and clear space in your fridge for healthy snacks and lean proteins.

As for exercise, the AstroTwins recommend that Libras focus on the "yin" energy, which, according to Sport Rec, can include tai ch'i and yoga. Love: Married and partnered Scorpios will be surprised to find themselves thoroughly enjoying simple pleasures with their loved ones, thanks to Jupiter moving to the sector of your chart dealing with security. Single Scorpions could find love with someone they never expected to be attracted to a Ross rather than a Joey.

Money: Ka-ching! Abundant Jupiter will be in your second house of work and finance all year, meaning that "this could be one of your luckiest money years in over a decade," assure the AstroTwins. You could get a nice bonus, a prestigious job title, or even land a new and better-paying position. Health: The wellness roadblocks you encountered last year — insomnia, skipping meals, blowing off gym visits — should clear away in with the departure of Uranus from your health sector.

You'll be more motivated to stick to a nutritious diet and a reasonable fitness regimen. Love: The phrase "I'm my own best friend" will be your mantra in , Sag. This year will find you with a renewed outlook on all aspects of your life; you'll be seeking adventure, changing up your wardrobe, and "zooming around" from place to place. This all will put you in a better frame of mind to seek love if you're single; if you're attached, the time will be right for a big move such as buying a home or starting a family. Money: Your creative ideas at work won't go unnoticed, and Sagittarians might get some extra attention or publicity because of it.

If you're looking to sell your home, July is your best month to do it. Health: Quirky Uranus goes into your sixth house, which rules health and fitness. The result: You'll be spurred to try new diet and exercise regimens and stick to them. You'll also be the one shopping for the best tech to make sure you're reaching your quota of steps and not going over your fat grams.

Love: In , Jupiter settles into an area of the Capricorn chart that rules "divine love and karma," explain the Twins. This lucky positioning means that singleton Caps are poised to meet their soulmate in the coming year. Already attached? You'll become even more deeply intimate with your partner, and perhaps get creative with new techniques in bed. Money: Capricorns are the hard workers of the zodiac, and that won't change in What will: possibly your choice of career.


A quirky series of planetary shifts could prompt you to look for a new line of work, branch off on your own, or join with a partner for an exciting new venture. Health: This is a check-up-from-the-neck-up year rather than a fitness-focused one, Cap. The AstroTwins recommended some "deep inner work" to get to the source of your negative emotions and self-talk and heal from the traumas that brought you there in the first place.